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18 August 2009 @ 04:16 am
Miss All Tuesday: and it's not nice of me to think he's dumb based just on that
Miss All Tuesday: but he just seems really stupid.
factory noises: ...yeah
Miss All Tuesday: maybe he's secretly brilliant.
factory noises: pffft
Miss All Tuesday: XD
Miss All Tuesday: oh
Miss All Tuesday: and his last name is Brawn.
Miss All Tuesday: which she thinks is cute.
Miss All Tuesday: I think it reminds me of paper towels.
factory noises: dude
factory noises: hes a seventies gay porn star endorsing paper towels
Miss All Tuesday: I'd be like
Miss All Tuesday: bitch best be taking my name if we ever marry.
factory noises: ...
factory noises: no offense, but id hate to have the last name williams
Miss All Tuesday: haha, none taken.
factory noises: because... if you have a friend with the same last name as you, something is awry
Miss All Tuesday: oui.
Miss All Tuesday: I'm not a huge fan of it.
Miss All Tuesday: but it's better than paper towel boy.
factory noises: theres one good reason to get married :D
factory noises: but not to a paper towel boy
factory noises: HOLY SHIT
factory noises: IT MAKES SENSE
Miss All Tuesday: HAHAHAHAHA..
Miss All Tuesday: it doessss
05 August 2009 @ 11:13 pm
erin eyesore: erin wouldnt be able to hold together a world dominion empire
erin eyesore: -grunt enters throne room-
erin eyesore: "whatever, let them do what they want -sigh/apathy/emo-" -dismissive hand wave-
erin eyesore: japan would be where my home base would be
erin eyesore: and much to papis chagrin id have a harem of school boys, only accessed by me and david bowie
03 August 2009 @ 06:10 pm
Miss All Tuesday: and I caught my freshman econ teacher checking me out the other day o_O
erin eyesore: ..........
erin eyesore: ive got lolitaesque heart shaped glasses?
Miss All Tuesday: awesome!
erin eyesore: if you feel the need to borrow them for the occassion
22 June 2009 @ 06:37 pm
MRsandmankaz: also my cousin smokes ....
MRsandmankaz: and smoking with him is like well ......Metal gear solid
MRsandmankaz: kinda fun
factory noises: totally illicit
factory noises: and sometimes you have to strangle some dudes in ski masks
MRsandmankaz: yup, the things you do when your high
MRsandmankaz: hey at least i stopped world war 3
factory noises: so i suppose you did some shrooms that refilled your batteries, too, eh?
18 June 2009 @ 06:08 pm
erin eyesore: i learned something last night
Miss All Tuesday: oh?
erin eyesore: playstation 2s
erin eyesore: are really durable
Miss All Tuesday: what happened?
erin eyesore: ...............papiandigotinafightandisortofranoverhisps2
erin eyesore: anditstillworks
Miss All Tuesday: niiiiiiiiiiiiice
erin eyesore: yeah
erin eyesore: the only thing that broke
erin eyesore: was the little hookie thingie that keeps the lid shut
erin eyesore: so you have to put something on it to keep it shut
erin eyesore: other than that, ive been playing sh2 all day
Miss All Tuesday: awesome
15 June 2009 @ 04:56 pm
Purgatory92: i was watching maury for some reason the other day
Purgatory92: and they had a show to see which was a man or a women
Purgatory92: and they all looked like models
Purgatory92: i only got two out of ten wrong
Purgatory92: so of all the women i thought i met
Purgatory92: id say that 2 out of ten were men...
03 June 2009 @ 05:49 am
Miss All Tuesday: on that note, somebody told me I swear like a sailor the other day.
Miss All Tuesday: I was working on something during first period.
Miss All Tuesday: and I had this ENORMOUS breakthrough.
erin eyesore: ......
erin eyesore: wow
Miss All Tuesday: and some dude turns around and is like, 'you swear like a sailor!'
erin eyesore: you should introduce them to me if they think you swear like sailor
Miss All Tuesday: hahaha
Miss All Tuesday: I told Lauren about it during second
Miss All Tuesday: and she was like
Miss All Tuesday: damn
Miss All Tuesday: if they think YOU swear like a sailor...
Miss All Tuesday: I don't wanna know what they'd think of me
erin eyesore: well
erin eyesore: because i am self rightious and conceited
erin eyesore: i think i even beat her out on the "swear like a motherfucking twatfaced bitch-tits-and-shit sucking sailor" scale
erin eyesore: although, actually, it took a moment to think all that up
erin eyesore: OH THE HUGE MANATEE
Miss All Tuesday: hahaha
Miss All Tuesday: ilyyyyy <333333333333333
25 May 2009 @ 03:20 am
erin eyesore: http://community.livejournal.com/vegetarian/4357267.html this cracked me up
Purgatory92: lol what an idiot
erin eyesore: "I feel as if there should be something done further that will bring justice to my incident."
erin eyesore: because the people knew you were vegetarian and didnt give you what youd originally ordered when you bitched about it
Purgatory92: wtf, idiot you got your damn veggie thing whats the deal
erin eyesore: "i didnt want to chew dead cow against my will"
Purgatory92: wow
erin eyesore: then why didnt you check it?
erin eyesore: it would be different if they hadnt given her the right order
Purgatory92: wtf are they "supposed to do further?"
Purgatory92: what kind of justice does this poor waste of dna have in mind?
erin eyesore: they should all be slaughtered and put into burritos to feel what the cow felt, duh
erin eyesore: and then fed to unwilling non-cannibals
Purgatory92: i was reading on and...
Purgatory92: "Well, I was hoping that there would be some juridical recourse that I would have, in the form of a fine or something. "
Purgatory92: "I understand that people make mistakes, but I think that these types of mistakes are those that should be taken more seriously. "
erin eyesore: r u fckng kdng me?
25 May 2009 @ 02:39 am
Purgatory92: hey you know what somebody said to me today? id be the scariest dentist ever. even worse than that guy from little shop of horrors
Purgatory92: they said id be like this "Youd be messing around in peoples mouths, and youd tell them that theyll lose all thier teeth and to hold still because you were going to shoot them with radiation and thier faces would melt off
Purgatory92: and thered be evil demonic and thorny drawing all over the place
Purgatory92: Youd even have a custom made dentist coat thing that would be pimped out black"
25 May 2009 @ 01:16 am
MRsandmankaz: you try to leave but they keep pulling you back in
erin eyesore: those fuckers
erin eyesore: its mainly frank though
erin eyesore: and according to him, "i just made a fucking twitter account because of you ):<"
erin eyesore: so escape is still possible
MRsandmankaz: EWW TWITTER
erin eyesore: i dare you to make one to @reply all the celebrities you hate with obscene insults